• Business Innovation Thinking Applied
    to Marketing Communications

    There is no such thing as business as usual, anymore. It’s time
    to not only think differently but to act differently. Enzyme transforms
    your goals into meaningful brand opportunities with effervescent
    market appeal.

  • Food Innovation, Commercialization & Insight Factory

    Understand and influence consumer behaviour through innovative and relevant marketing.

  • Marketing Communications

    Creative that touches, content that nourishes.

  • Branding, Design & Visual Expression

    Bringing brands to life.

  • Enzyme Health

    More than a condition, health is a quest, a journey.


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  • Strategic Planing, Business Consulting
  • Business Research
  • Brand Strategy, Branding, Promotion
  • Portfolio Strategy, Retail Marketing
  • Health capsules and clinical
    vignettes Creation, Online e-learning activities,
    Website and microsite
  • Health marketing
  • Innovation Process, Product Development
  • Packaging Design
  • Public Relations and Social Media
  • Communications and medical education targeted at health professionals
  • Scientific writing, content creation, accreditation process conducted by the PAAB and the NPC
  • Interactive Communications (Digital Talk)

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